ARP Broadcast

Felipe Alfaro Solana felipe.alfaro at
Wed Sep 6 04:40:38 UTC 2006

> I have this nasty arp broadcast "who has "

I think you mean "I have this nasty ARP entry". Broadcast is for
diffussion while entry is for storage. I think you have a storage
problem, not a difussion problem.

> made
> sudo arp -d
> still arp shows me:
> arp
> Adresse Hardware-Typ Hardware-Adresse Optionen Maske Schnittstelle
>              ether   00:0F:B5:AF:4F:46
> C                     eth1
>             ether   00:15:F2:51:14:0C
> C                     eth1
> (unvollständig)                          eth1

This usually means some local process is trying to connect to but that host is down. Thus, the kernel initiates an ARP
resolution but, since the host is down, the entry is marked in the
table as pending. If the ARP request is received before the expiry
timer triggers, the ARP request will be accepted and the entry MAC
address will be stored along the IP.

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