update and add new program problems with Ubuntu 6.06

Stephen Hawkins ng0g at mchsi.com
Tue Sep 5 12:38:53 UTC 2006


After reinstalling 3 times with 3 of the 5 CD's that came in the mail from 
Ubuntu a couple of days ago. I have more closely defined the problem.

During the install a message comes up implying that the install program cannot 
get to "security updates".  After the install you cannot update or add new 
programs using any of the built in techniques.  

Update manager says that there are 116 updates that need to be installed. 
(which I find odd considering that these are the latest and greatest and just 
came in the mail).  When you tell it to go ahead and download and install the 
updates, the download fails with the message that the connection to fails.  I can ping that IP with no problems, I can use firefox 
to go there with no problems.  I have used this computer with several 
previous releases of Ubuntu and never had a problem.  I am starting to 
believe that there is something wrong with the update software or the server.

I even reinstalled the previous version and used update manager with it.  It 
works fine.  But Drapper Drake 6.06 is not able to update.  Everything else 
appears to work fine.

73 49 111 01001001
Steve Hawkins NG0G
ng0g at arrl.net

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