Toshiba A100-0FH laptop

Jacob jacobchappelle at
Tue Sep 5 08:12:13 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I am trying to install Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake on a Toshiba A100-0FH laptop
- Model #PSAA8C-0FH00E is also specified on the underside.
The system has

core duo 1.6 ghz
100 gig SATA HD
1 gig ram
intel xxx wireless ( linux driver from intel should work )
intel 945 express chipset ( linux driver from intel should work )
intel 950 Graphics ( works fine )

Here's what happens. When I boot from the live CD I get a long list of
squashFS errors like this:

SQUASHFS error: zlib_fs returned unexpected result
Unable to read page, block 26xxxx, size 63xxxx

new_ath_hal/hal.o: file not recognized


mount: function not implemented
hw_random: RNG not detected

and I also notice that it could not load a driver for my sata HD drive from

assertion failed 0,drivers/scsi/libata-core.c,ata_file_sg,line=2531

After this basically Ubuntu loads to the Desktop, 2 Gnome applets get an
error and can't start, then it looks fine. I can use all the menus and
everything looks good as new. Sound works, video is perfect, mouse, keyboard

When I click on install and try to partition, my 100 Gig SATA hard drive is
listed as the device to install on and I have 3 partitions, the first with
windows xp, the other two I created previously with partition commander.

Now, when I try to partition my hard drive with ubuntu, the installer hangs
and I can't continue. I can't use any options to partition/choose the drive
because I believe there is a driver missing.

Can anybody tell me how I can get my SATA HD to be recognized under Ubuntu?
Or if you have any other insight to this. I would like to help other SATA HD
users out there.

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