[Network] 'mtr' tool : are these results abnormal ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Mon Sep 4 21:27:37 UTC 2006


I just learnt about this 'mtr' command line tool, from another thread on this list today, and thought it could help me.

Recently I (and many many many others who use the same cable ISP) started having problems with my internet conenction: the speed suddenly became highly unstable, and average transfer rates very about only 30% of the advertised maximum of 30Mbps.

So I decided to give mtr a try, and pointed it to the ISP's portal website:

$mtr www.numericable.fr

I don't crap about networking, so I would like peoples opinions on the results, I uploaded a screen capture of mtr there


Because I see a column that I seems to indicate that 50 to 80% of "Packet loss" ! 

Is it really as worrying as it looks, or are the figures in these columns somehow "normal"/typical ?

If it really means that over 50% of the packets fail to arrive to me, no wonder I witness way substandard download speeds !

Thanks for shedding some light...



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