Cannot ping outside university

User Iam vramnum10 at
Mon Sep 4 16:43:35 UTC 2006

Is NAT running on the PC??

I assume the PC is connected to the University.

And the laptop get out via the PC????

User Iam

On 9/4/06, David <dpleydel at> wrote:
> About fie weeks ago I installed Dapper on a Dell Inspiron 6000
> laptop. Everything was going great, I configured the eth0 interface to
> get onto the university network and I could connect to Ubuntu
> repositories and I downloaded various software eg. GRASS, R etc.
> Then some days later I lost the internet connection. I do not know
> why. I can still ping my PC and the PC can still ping the laptop. But
> the laptop cannot ping websites or repos.
> To make matters worse, we need this sorted within the next 24 hours!
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> dave
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