Should I fall back to 32 bit?

benben benhongh.mlist at
Mon Sep 4 13:25:13 UTC 2006

> Ben,
> I'm also a new arrival to Ubuntu, and I'm currently running 32 bit after
> numerous attempts at the 64 bit version.  I'm having my best success in
> Ubuntu now, on the 32 bit.  Instead of poking and hoping that THIS load
> will be the one that takes, I'm back to actually doing my usual work.
> Performance seems the same, IMO.  Your mileage may vary.

It is certainly good to hear that. Provided I can find some extra time 
to do the reinstallation I am very happy to experiment.

> My 64 bit installs would quickly degrade to the point of wiping and
> reloading the OS; I'm writing it off to my learning the ropes and some
> of the short term fixes suggested on the boards not playing nice with my
> hardware combination.  I've noticed that running 32 bit has taken a step
> out of the process.  The software I've been installing is written for
> i386, so no forced architecture, 32 bit Firefox on AMD64 type hassles
> required.
> All that having been said, I'd take either one over XP or Vista.

I guess so. I have tried FreeBSD, and NetBSD as a replacement for 
Windows and finally came to Ubuntu. Despite the problems at hand, I have 
to say this is so far the best OS I have ever used. But I do expect all 
my hardware to function to its standard.

Sigh to the current 64 bit development. Or maybe I shouldn't be because 
the Linux community has done what I wouldn't imagine a few years ago. I 
sincerely hope that stable 64bit support will surface soon!



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