Should I fall back to 32 bit?

benben benhongh.mlist at
Mon Sep 4 13:13:01 UTC 2006

> I thought you could run some stuff as 64 bit and some as 32.

Yes indeed. In fact, the is a typical 32bit app running 
under 64 bit Ubuntu. However, it is problematic--input method (English 
is not my first language) is broken because OOo looks into 32bit 
libraries. I am a novice and a pretty late one. While I do want to learn 
a lot from Linux, tasks like setting up a chroot or cross linking to 
32bit libraries are beyond my experience level.

My point is, if it doesn't hurt performance a lot to run 32 bit 
applications, I'd rather user 32 bit because everything seems to be more 
compatible in that mode.


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