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Mon Sep 4 07:28:55 UTC 2006

On 9/4/06, Waqas Toor <waqasnasirtoor at> wrote:
> hi linuxers,
> 1.i need some help to load usb flash drive ... i mean mount the drive
> now there is not sda in drapper drake ubuntu
> no /dev/sda etc
> now in mtab there is an entry that shows like this
> procbususb  /proc/bus/usb/....
> i dont know what that means ... if i unmount the procbususb and mount
> it to some other folder i cant get the contents either ... i get files
> of 001 and 002
> now tell me how to mount my usb flash drive in drapper drake ???
> i've also tried mountusbfs for example
> /etc/init.d/mountusbfs start
> bus what happens i dont know
> 2. i need help regarded COM1 .. what is my COM1 in ubuntu ???
> i mean standar is /dev/ttyS1 i guess
> so i want to know what are my com ports in ubuntu ???
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Hi Waqas Toor!

Dapper usually auto mounts USB "flash" drives.  You plug the drive in
(system already loaded and up) and wait about 30 seconds and see the
drive appear on your desktop.

Apparently this is not happening with you?  If so, probably hardware related.

1. Google "myhardware ubuntu dapper" using the brand name and model of
your computer and especially your mother board - also the brand and
model of your usb flash drive.  This may provide a solution.

2. If not, post back here with the information you used for "myhardware" above.

Good Hunting!


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