kernel message: drive appears confused

sdebo ulist at
Mon Sep 4 04:57:20 UTC 2006

same problem here.  the drive usually workd ok though.
I experimented with hdparm.conf settings recently, for hda and hdc.  I
did not touch cdrom though. Could this be the reason?

I am running Ubuntu on a PII 440LX mobo. Setting udma settings (and
other I/O settings) achieved little performance gains.  Also when
booting I sometime get 'DRIVE NOT READY FOR COMMAND' error.  Still when
I hdparm the drives, the settings seem to have been applied.

I am experiencing the Unable to Locate RSDP bug as well.  The latest
change I did was adding irqpoll to the kernel command in Grub's
menu.lst.  I will start by removing that and see.

Could any of these be part of the problem?  

Help on improving HDD performance through hdparm via PM is greatly


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