Don't have permission to read a Firewire drive

Craig Hagerman craighagerman at
Sun Sep 3 15:35:08 UTC 2006


I just attached a firewire drive to my Ubuntu machine. It shows up OK and
will mount, but I cannot open it in gnome to view the contents. It complains
that I do not have permission to view that volume. I CAN browse the volume
as root from the command line. I thought something was wrong with the fstab
file. I changed the relevant line from:

/dev/sdc1       /media/firewire     ntfs    defaults        0       0


/dev/sdc1       /media/firewire     ntfs    user,owner,noauto        0

but no luck.

I plan to wipe the drive and reformat as ext3, but first I want to figure
out what is wrong with the current set up that I can't open it on the
desktop. Any advice?

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