LV volume space always loses 33M?

Luis lemsx1 at
Sun Sep 3 13:53:23 UTC 2006

man pvcreate
       --metadatasize size
              The  approximate  amount of space to be set aside for each meta
              data area.  (The size you specify may get rounded.)

33M is the default. Read the docs for what this means.

On 9/3/06, Gabriel M Dragffy <dragffy at> wrote:
> Sorry for yet another post on LVs, but I'm justing get comfortable with
> LVM.
> One other thing that troubles me is a "df -h" report. Cutting out a lot
> of other info from it, this is an example output:
> /dev/mapper/bouncyball-optional
>                       300M   33M  268M  11% /opt
> This volume is empty but 33M has disappeared. It would seem all volumes
> "lose" 33M... where and why? Can this be changed?
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