Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Sun Sep 3 06:22:07 UTC 2006

"jeff emminger" <jemminger at> wrote:
> hi list,
> trying to install numlockx, which is listed here:
> yet when i use:
> sudo apt-get install numlockx
> i get the error:
> E: Couldn't find package numlockx
> am i doing something wrong?

Apparently this package is inthe "universe" repository, which is not enabled by default when you install Ubuntu.
So that's probably why it fails to find it.

To enable it, go to System->Administration->Software Properties.

Then select "Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Binaries)", then click on "Edit". Now you should see a few check boxes that correspond to the various repositories, tick the box next to the one called "multiverse". 
Then you must refresh/reload the repo contents table, but I think you will be prompted for it automatically. If not, well do it by hand: in Synaptic, click on the "Reload/Refresh" button in the toolbar, or if you are at the command line, type: "sudo apt-get update".

numlockx should now be available for you to install :o)

Obviously, if you don't want to enable the universe repository, just download the numlockx package from the Ubuntu site (since you already found it anyway), and then  just double click on it to install it ! :-)



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