Getting an HP PhotoSmart C3140 All in one working.

Bry Melvin brymelvin at
Sun Sep 3 04:17:13 UTC 2006

Ron Morse <rbmorse at> wrote: Thank you for tracking this down. Sounds like a candidate 
for the bug list

HMM I tried to submit a bug report Alas it wouldn't go through as I couldn't get it to accept the hpilp-base and hpilp-data packages as Valid Ubuntu packages.

even copying and pasting the package name from synaptic didn't work!
So it wouldn't accept the bug report because of an Invalid field!

Seems strange as this is a basic install supported set of packages!

It seems trying to submit a bug report is more difficult than compiling a package yourself. This is counterproductive if they want the bug reports from new users/companies migrating from other systems.

Maybe I'll write an article and put it on my website....I used to do this for UnixOS2 items

Is writing a Wiki article easier? I haven't done that yet either, On OS/2 I used to place links to articles I wrote on prominent OS/2 sites and place the article on my own domain space, As of yet I've been too busy migrating all our systems to Ubuntu to get involved much.

On Saturday 02 September 2006 18:47, Bry Melvin wrote:
> Recently after checking the HPILP site and documentation
> in Ubuntu/Kubuntu I purchased one of these devices.
> Just Working was out of the question though:-(
> apparently the Ubuntu repository versions of HPILP are
> missing a few pieces needed to scan.
> Please excuse the double posting on Kubuntu and Ubuntu.
> I thought this was significant enough after two days of
> trying to find why the HPILP docs in Ubuntu said it would
> work and then it didn't.
> Bryann

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