Recording from a microphone (was: skype)

dalila at dalila at
Sun Sep 3 01:40:15 UTC 2006

Paul Sladen wrote ..
> On Sat, 2 Sep 2006 dalila at wrote:
> Hello Dalila,
> > having problems with my mic, ican hear sound but my mic does not record
> > my voice during test,and when i made a call same thing
> Microphone sound can normally either:
>   (a)  Be sent directly to the computer speakers
>   (b)  Be 'recorded' by programs such as Skype.
> It is likely that your microphone is currently set to the first
> option.  This can be changed by:
>   1.  Double Clicking on the '=<)' Volume Control at the top of the screen.
>   2.  Clicking on the "Capture" tab.
>   3.  Below the "Microphone" slider, there should be two small icons. 
> The
>       State of these icons can be toggled by clicking on them.
>   4a. The Mute (left small icon) should be covered by a Red X.
>   4b. The Record (right small icon) should not be covered by a Red X.
> Hopefully that should solve your issue,

tried it no luck 

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