upgrading ubuntu

MICHAEL WEAVER michaelweaver1 at btinternet.com
Sun Sep 3 01:25:42 UTC 2006

I am thinking of upgrading Ubuntu Dappa on my laptop to Edgy so I can 
possibly get the best accessability I can using the latest Gnome Orca 
Screenreader with the eventuallity of switching my desktop PC at home to 
a Linux only system as well.
My laptop doesn't have an Internet connection, well that isn't strictly 
true as I have a wireless card for it but I only use a wireless 
connection in Voxbar in Huddersfield where one of the two Linux groups I 
go to meets, I just don't have a wireless router at home.
My desktop is connected to the Internet through BT using a Bt Voyager 
Broadband MODEM but it only has Windows XP on it.
How can I go about upgrading my laptop from Dappa to Edgy?
What should I use to backup my system if I were to do this,my sister 
gave me a memory stick which is a Disgo USB stick,  someone suggested R 
Sync application and someone else suggested Simple Backup although this 
person who suggested Simple Backup didn't know I used Ubuntu which is 
what he told me he uses.
I need to be sure I can restore if something goes wrong as I will be 
only using a speech synthasiser, possibly the default one that runs with 
Orca until I can get my software Dectalk to be recognised in the settup 
of the latest Orca and may not have Sighted Assistance unless the person 
who is helping me get Linux up and running with speech at my Linux group 
does it for me, the next time I see this person may be next Monday.

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