how to configure multiple monitors?

Matthew Kuiken matt.kuiken at
Fri Sep 1 15:40:21 UTC 2006

drdna wrote:
> i have acer notebook with intel 915GM chipset, and a LG 17" CRT.
> i tried to configure to dual display system, but it doesn't seem to be
> working. can't figure out what's wrong.
> somebody help me.
This is about a week old, so I don't know if you've fixed it by now or 
not, but I also have an i915 video card.

I have attached my xorg.conf for multi-monitor.

Notes on my configuration:
I have placed 64 MB of video ram on each channel. This will eat up 128 
MB of your main memory. I have plenty of memory, so this is not an issue 
for me, but you might want to reduce the amount. I would recommend at 
least 32MB per channel, though.
My external monitor is not very capable. In fact it only does 800x600. 
You will need to add modes to the external screen section to get your 
monitor to work at higher resolution.

Lastly, you are on the forums, so I don't know if the attachment will 
make it through all right. If it does not, I would recommend searching 
for this message at

It should be fairly easy to find by date.


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