[OT] Re: Transparency, Community? (was Re: List-Id Changed why? )

Brian McKee brian.mckee at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 14:40:51 UTC 2006

Can I put forward I some suggestions?

1 - The change can stand as it is (for now).

2 - Discussions thought to be more appropriate to sounder can be
*GENTLY* nudged in that direction, especially once they get past a
couple of posts.

3 -  List nazis of any stripes discouraged.

4 - The  process of altering a list has to be formalized a bit - I
*think* the majority here don't
     mind the change, but they are also unhappy it was done without discussion.

The question I have is - if we the community want this list changed -
what is the current process we are supposed to follow?  And if we want
the process changed - what do we do then?

I think discussion about this list must stay on this list until this
is settled - let's try and keep the thread intact so everybody can set
their mail clients to ignore it if they don't want to listen.


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