fixing font tininess running nv driver

Lorin Pino ljpino at
Fri Sep 1 03:58:12 UTC 2006

Michael R. Head wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 15:39 -0400, Matt Price wrote:
>> hi,
>> on my new laptop (dell latitude d820, nvidia graphics) my gigantic
>> 17" (didn't realize how huge that was) screen is very crisp, and looks
>> great if i run the proprietary nvidia driver.  however that driver
>> doesn't suspend properly, and since suspend is essential...  i use nv.
>> and when i run nv, all fonts display very cramped and tiny.  in some
>> apps it's no sweat to make fonts bigger etc, but in others it's harder.
>> my sense is that i need to do something to the screen resolution or
>> something, but the gnome screen res tool won't atually let me change the
>> resolution (maybe 'cause the lcd monitorsreally only have one native
>> resolution?)  
>> anyway, i feel it ought to be possible to fix this, any suggestions?
> You've got a couple options. You can change the DPI setting of the X
> display so that fonts are drawn larger by default, or you can choose
> larger fonts. To change either of these, you'll need to go to the Fonts
> preferences dialog (System/Preferences/Font). 
> To change the various font sizes, simply click the various buttons you
> see on the main panel. 
> To change the DPI, click the "Details" button, and change the
> "resolution". You'll need to compute this value. For me, I have a 14"
> monitor displaying 1400x1050 pixels, so I compute sqrt(1400^2+1050^2)/14
> to get 125 dpi. Once I set the resolution to 125 dpi (from the default
> of 96), my fonts display quite a bit larger. 
> You can also set the "Subpixel smoothing" option here, too.
> mike
>> matt
I have also had the resolution default to a larger size than what my 
monitor needs.  Then everything gets reduced as the monitor fits it 
within your screen.  You might want to verify that your resolution 
setting is correct.

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