Installing a Modem on Linux

P.S.Sameera Shaakunthala shaakunthala at
Fri Sep 1 02:30:14 UTC 2006

Please let me know how to install a standard 19200bps modem on Ubuntu 6.06.

I am currently using Windows. I will be switched to Linux soon. Ubuntu does not detect/communicate with the standard modem built on Aiji System CDMA telephone. But Windows recognizes it.

I have connected it to dev/ttyS0 (first COM port)

What are the steps I should take to fix this problem?
Is this modem not supported by Linux?
Please be kind enough to send a solution for my problem.

Telephone details:
    Operator: Sri Lank Telecom
    Maker: AIJI SYSTEM
    Model: AP-110
    ESN: EEF37DA3

Sameera Shaakunthala

Sameera Shaakunthala

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