Can't read Linux CDs.

Ed Jabbour ejbr at
Fri Sep 1 01:41:30 UTC 2006

On Thu August 31 2006 19:32, rpowersau at wrote:
> On 9/1/06, Ed Jabbour <ejbr at> wrote:
> > This is very odd.  If I load a live CD of whatever sort,
> > Ubuntu, Knoppix, etc., it won't mount.  Needless
> > to say, they don't boot.  If I insert a Netgear installation CD, it
> > mounts and can be read.  Same for the Scrabble game CD, and same for the
> > bootable
> Are you running windows when you do this? 

Nope.  Ubuntu.
> Have you put the ubuntu live cd or the knoppix cd into your cd reader
> and rebooted the computer? Is your bios set up for cd booting? Will
> the computer boot from the windows recovery cd?

Yes, yes and yes.

> Did you burn these cds yourself while running windows? If so, were
> they burnt as iso images, not data.

No, they were burned under Linux, and yes, they were 
burned as iso images.  

Any of these CDs can be mounted on another Linux PC, just not on the Ubuntu 
In short, commercial CDs are OK, burned CDs are not.


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