Lock your X-Windows in 3 easy steps! (aka I'm having peculiar problems)

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 14:59:58 UTC 2006

On 28/10/06, Phill MV <hiffyness at gmail.com> wrote:
> Howdy folks!
> Just about my first problem with Ubuntu, have really enjoyed using it the
> past 4 months, etc etc, it looks really pretty.
> I upgraded from dapper last night, using the ever popular gksudo
> "update-manager -c".
> It downloaded stuff, thrashed awhile, stopped twice for user input (are you
> sure you want to use non-free flash?) and rebooted.
> X threw up in my lap and declared that it no longer had the nv driver. I vim
> it back to "nvidia" in the good ol' xorg.conf and go on my merry way.
> I then logged in, and discovered that I can now freeze X in three easy
> steps.
> 1. Open firefox.
> 2. Open a new tab of some sort from a click of some sort.
> 3. Bathe in it's frustrating beauty.
> X is now completely locked up. I can't switch to a terminal (ctrl alt f1-6)
> or restart X (ctrl alt backspace).
> Sometimes the mouse is still responsive, but then it can't leave whatever
> screen it's currently in (I use xinerama on two nvidia card powered
> screens). Clicking on things is futile.
> I can still ssh in from a windows machine I have lying around, so everything
> works.
> Killing firefox doesn't do much. As far as I can see, only restarting X gets
> me anywhere.
> Opening synaptic achieves the same result, although everything else seems to
> work just peachy keen ( OO.o, azureus, amarok, gThumb, etc).
> Any thoughts would be appreciated!

While it won't directly help your current situation, I highly suggest
that you write to Nvida and tell them about this. It's their driver,
and they're not making it any easier for us to develop our own.

Dotan Cohen


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