wireless giving trouble in Ubuntu recently

Peter Brook drpeter.brook at btinternet.com
Thu Oct 19 12:56:07 UTC 2006

Eric Lemoine <eric.lemoine at gmail.com> wrote:    On 10/19/06, C Hamel wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 October 2006 21:49, H.S. wrote:
> >
> > > Just a question : does it work if you manually configure
> > > /etc/network/interfaces or is the problem lying somewhere else?
> >
> > I just tried manually as well, using iwconfig command to set the essid,
> > the key and also the access point without success.
> >
> > BTW, I am using a D-Link DWL-G520 in master mode in another PC on my
> > home lan. Thus that PC is a wireless router. If I use tcpdump on that pc
> > to listen on the wireless device when I am trying to get a dhcp address
> > from that machine on the laptop running Ubuntu, I see no traffic at all.
> >
> > Also, a Mac laptop and the same laptop in Windows (which dual boots with
> > Ubuntu) works okay.
> >
> > It is only Ubuntu that the problem seems to be in.
> >
> > ->HS
> I am having probs, as well. Gentoo, SuSE both worked (ndiswrapper) but
> kubuntu seems to not want to give me any throughput (both ndiswrapper &
> bcm43xx). I actually started a thread yesterday morning about this. My card
> is active but invalid access point --even when I am on top of the AP.
> Doesn't matter what network I try to access --airports, Starbucks,
> Barnes/Noble, whatever. Set the ESSID to 'ANY'.
> There is a sniffer tool and I cannot, for the life of me, remember what that
> tool is. It's connected to the wireless tools pkg. Haven't tried that, for
> obvious reasons.

One more question : does dmesg tell you something is wrong with
bcm43xx when you try to configure wireless?

  I requested help for a wireless problem a few days back.  I tried loading the windows driver and the ndiswrapper for the internal modem and got the message error that it was the incorrect driver....  I also have a USB modem working perfectly with Kubuntu 6.06, that will not operate under Ubuntu 6.10.  Is there a known issue and will it be fixed in full release version?  I much prefer Ubuntu and would prefer to sort wireless issue

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