New Question: Music players?

Scott slewin at
Thu Nov 30 18:11:20 UTC 2006

sebastien wrote:
> I advise VLC.
> Skinnable and 'sopratutto' very functional !
	Thank you all for your help with my selection of movie players.  I 
tried them all out and I think I like the VLC the best; but I am still 
looking at the other.  VLC haves a nice interface and a decent 
equalizer.  I also did a comparison to the sound with a equalizer in VLC 
with the sound in Rhythmbox and I could very easily tell the difference.

	Hopefully, an equalizer will be added to Rhythmbox or the Ubuntu sound 
output (this would be very nice) soon.  In my research I have noticed 
some people talking about these.

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