Opening pdf attachment from mail client not working

Luqman luqman_ngs at
Thu Nov 30 16:19:58 UTC 2006

> ben darby wanted us to know:

>* Luqman wrote:
>> mail client: mutt
>> I have problem opening pdf files directory from my mail client. Saving
>> pdf attachments and then opening works fine.
>> Mail client shows following mime type for the attachment:
>> [-- Typ: application/pdf, Kodierung: base64, Größe: 130K --]
>> $mypc:> cat /etc/mailcap | grep pdf
>> application/pdf; evince '%s'; test=test -n "$DISPLAY" ; nametemplate=%s.pdf
>> I am clueless. Can someone give an advice...
>is evince in your terminals path? try using its full path
>/usr/bin/evince & try opening it with 'm' in the attachments section to
>force the viewing with mailcap, other than that im not sure as it works
>fine here.

It seems to be a subtle problem. I have a pdf attachment that is being
recognized as pdf:

[-- Anhang #2: nssim.pdf --]
[-- Typ: application/pdf, Kodierung: base64, Größe: 368K --]

Another pdf attachment is seen as an octet-stream in mutt:

[-- Anhang #2: spectsFinal.pdf --]
[-- Typ: application/octet-stream, Kodierung: base64, Größe: 465K --]

Sometimes pdf files are openend with evince in mutt, and sometimes
evince opens and shows only empty pages.
I also observed following error when opening pdf attachments:

Failed to load document (error 3) 'file:///tmp/overview.pdf'

I think my system is really broken << Edgy installed. Will try to open
these email attachments in dapper, that's still installed on my laptop in another


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