When will we have a clipboard that works?

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Nov 30 13:49:34 UTC 2006

Kristian Rink wrote:

> However, talking about the clipboard, possibly two things might be
> desirable:
> - - It should be configurable to provide either X-based or "non-X-based"
> (CTRL+C/CTRL+V) behaviour, so one can choose what sort of clipboard to
> use.
> - - It should be concise in using _either one_ of the two options but not
> _both_. Right now, sometimes I experience strange situations seeing that
> some applications prefer using the "non-X" way or the "X" way or both,
> which sometimes feels strange.

klipper (KDE) does that.  Thanks to the impetus from this thread, I went in
and changed the configuration to "synchronize contents of the selection and
the clipboard" and I've never been happier.  Now there's two ways
(selection or cut/copy) to get data on the clipboard, but it's one
(apparent) clipboard.

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