Default Paper Size?

Chanchao custom at
Thu Nov 30 07:37:26 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-29 at 23:13 -0600, Lorin Pino wrote:

> > May I know, where to set the default paper size
> > to ''A4''? It seems that the printer default size is already A4;
> > however Ooo default is still "letter".
> > Any clue?

> Have you tried Format>Page Style>Page tab?

That's the first step, indeed.  After that, to make sure it comes up as
the default, save the document as the default template.  Before doing
that, might as well set other things according to your preferences as
well, such as margins, font type and size, etc.   After you're done with
setting stuff up the way you use it most, then save it as a template:

File -> Templates -> Save

Give it any name. "My Fabulous Template" or "Default" or "Normal"

Then to make it the default when OpenOffice starts, go:

File -> Templates -> Organize

Find the template you just saved in the list. (Double click 'My
Templates' to reveal it.  

Select your template, then click the 'Commands' button which is actually
a drop-down list of commands. :) Select 'Set As Default Template'.

That's it! Click 'Close' to close that window.

Check that the new settings indeed get set automatically by exiting
OpenOffce and then going back in again.


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