I need help or advice for 3 issues concerning Gateway MX675 laptop

Kel krollins67 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 30 01:34:03 UTC 2006

irst I would like to say that Ubuntu rocks.  Having said that I am
trying to resolve several issues with Ubuntu edgy on my Gateway MX675
laptop.  I haven't been able to get the internal wireless broadcom card
to work with either NDiswrapper or the cutter.  I am a moderate to
intermediate Linux user, I can get the OS to recognize the card, the
card is active, I have been unable to get the card to see any network
for me to connect to.  My second problem is sound, my laptop comes with
the Intel ICH5 driver.  I have tried various settings with Alsa, no luck
in getting any sound out of the laptop.  Third, I have been unsuccessful
in getting my Verizon V620 broadband card to work.  The card initializes
but never seems to connect.

Because of the fact that I like Ubuntu so much over the other flavors of
Linux, I have decided to continue tinkering and researching the issues
mentioned until I find a solution, no matter how frustrating it becomes.

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