Firewall and samba

Rutger van Haasteren rvhaasteren at
Wed Nov 29 20:47:08 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I using Ubuntu since Hoary, and I have never been able to set the firewall
the right way wrt Samba. I'm in a local network behind a router/firewall,
but I would still like some extra protection. When I use something like
guarddog or firestarter to set up my firewall, everything works the way it
should, except for windows file sharing: samba.
When I open the ports for samba, or I allow all connections from a certain
host, I can use all services but samba.

Simple example: Machine A (Ubuntu Edgy, firestarter), Machine B (WinXP)

Machine A: start firestarter (all ports/hosts blocked for incoming
Machine B: cannot access shared folders or secure shell

Machine A: Firestarter stop firewall
Machine B: Can acces shared folders and secure shell

Machine A: Firestarter start firewall, allow connections from host A, apply
Machine B: Cannot acces shared folders but can access secure shell

How is this possible? Doesn't make a difference if I make the rules more
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