poptop, loopback detected....

Sturla Holm Hansen sturla at hitconsult.no
Wed Nov 29 18:37:50 UTC 2006

Hi people, I'm trying to get poptop to run on an Ubuntu server (x86_64)
and are in the process of going quite insane over it....
I've googled, searched the forums on Ubuntu and poptop and I can't find an
answer to this!
Every time I try to connect, from XP, I get error 737: loopback detected,
and the connection fails.
As far as I can see this used to be a known problem with the pty starting
to echo gre-packets until pppd made it stop, but it should have been
I'm running Ubuntu 6.10, with pptpd ver. 1.3.0 and ppp ver. 2.4.4
Any ideas GREATLY appreciated.



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