help!! cannot get into gnome session

Beinan Li li.beinan at
Wed Nov 29 15:34:57 UTC 2006

My machine: dapper x86 on AMD64

big problem!

During last session, I believe that the only
change of the system I made is that I installed
gizmo and its dependencies (bonjour, libsipphone..)

after that, KDE session is fine but the GNOME
session shows this:

The panels are flickering forever with a few
start-up apps I set beforehand such as amule flickering as well.
And they won't show up. I got the dialog asking if I wanna
force quit the amule though, but that didn't work either.
The only way left was to shut down the machine brutally.

Any idea?

P.S. was it not a good idea to specify start-up apps?
This makes GNOME look so vulnerrable:(...


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