run i386 on AMD64 ?

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Wed Nov 29 08:34:54 UTC 2006

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Beinan Li wrote:
> Hi,
> Got an AMD64 and installed the AMD64 dapper.
> Unfortunately, a few problems such as the unavailable
> flash player and the realplayer problem makes it
> less of a functional system.
> I wonder whether I can run i386 dapper safely
> on my AMD64 machine.

    A friend of mine had, of all things, an AMD64 **e-machine**.  But it
was great; we initially set up the 64-bit version of the distro and it
ROCKED. A smooth-moving screamer.

    But the guy was no computer scientist- he didn't see the 'fun' in
computing that I did, and I didn't want to fight the 32-versus-64-bit
problems with the codecs, so we left the 32 bit version on there.  It
was still a sleek machine- a great machine, actually.  Even for a
machine supposedly meant to be the cheapest.

    AS I UNDERSTAND IT...anything 64-bit is supposed to run on the 32.
But I'm finding that newer memory-management arrangements can cause
problems.  I work with a Windows-guy who's always buying a super-cooled
Cray with hormones, to do the work of a P2....where he's from, more
speed is "always better and doesn't cost that much", but there are times
the hardware guys throw us a curve.

    My gut feeling is that, if it's a year old, or older, you're
probably gonna enjoy the experience. Very new, or very new AND complex
machines, maybe not.  But the hardware mavens on this list will surely know.

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