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Wed Nov 29 06:16:22 UTC 2006

The real reason for me moving to Linux is 
that it still support the PI m/c.
I think for most of my wife and kids need
the PI m/c (Still in great working condition)
which I have is a "More than required" hardware.
I have installed DSL on it and its working fine. Wanted to 
do ubuntu on it but the live CD do not start in the PI m/c 
with 64MB RAM.
Is there any ubuntu which installs in the text mode . . ?
or may be Xubuntu will be suitable. . I need to download it.
 > > > > 
I'm getting my family off Windows onto Ubuntu ASAP before they start
bugging me about upgrading them to Vista. Just a few Windows app
issues, but I think come January all that will be left will be my
kids' games and my music workstation (which will remain until the NET
2.0 issues are solved for WINE).
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