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sdavmor sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Wed Nov 29 02:20:09 UTC 2006

John K Masters wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Nov 2006 17:50:41 -0600
> Wade Smart <wade at wadesmart.com> wrote:
>> 11282006 1750 GMT-6
>> Does anyone know a software that will remove vocals from a song? 
>> Wade
> This is the ONLY reason I still use Windows. I have not yet found a
> decent Linux prog that will do this (and other music processing).

I'm with you on that. Unfortunately. I'd love to have Sound Forge,
ACID, Sonar, CD architect, etc., running native on Linux, or at least
under WINE. While there a lot of good music tools on *nix, there still
aren't the same killer ones available on Windoze and Mac. Just a
matter of time and effort, and dollars (mainly dollars I suspect) but
that doesn't help me (or you) today.

> I use a prog called DCart32. Not free (in fact quite expensive) but
>  has all the tools you need to process sound. Filters for speech, 
> 78's, even the old wax cylinders; can do just about anything with a
>  sound file.

I haven't used Dcart32 though I did look into it a few years back. The
problem with anything that is cutting vocals is that other things in
the stereo signal get cut as well.
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