ckermit questions

Linda Hanigan haniganwork at
Wed Nov 29 01:26:25 UTC 2006

    Thank you so much. This is really a neat command, especially the way
it allows you to give the directory name so you don't have to move
around all the time. My biggest problem with Kermit is I sometimes
forget where I am dumping the files or worse yet which computer I am
working from! I'll have to find some good manual pages or play to see
what it does for permissions, recursive copies, overwrites etc.
>     Well, while it's not as efficient (unless you tell it to be so) scp
> (part of the SSH family of tools) works very easily and reliably...and
> with keys, so you can automate it securely.
>     Just try:
>     scp /path/to/file username at remotecomputer:/path/to/file
>     And that'll do it.  Keep in mind that using RSA keys is not only
> convenient, but secure, too. SSH gets brute-force attacks, if you
> computer "faces the open sea"...
>     Enjoy!
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