Error to load 32 bit libraries from Indy on Ubuntu 6.10 64bit - I cannot believe, that nobody has this problem.

Roland Turcan konf at
Tue Nov 28 22:51:45 UTC 2006

Hello ubuntu-users at!

As first I had problem to start our application I needed to install

1. libc6-i386
2. ia32-libs

Now I can start our application, but I cannot load libraries.

I have this code In Kylix:

hIdCrypto := HMODULE (dlopen (Pchar (libcrypto), RTLD_GLOBAL));
hIdSSL := HMODULE (dlopen(Pchar (libssl), RTLD_GLOBAL));
hIdIndySSL := LoadLibrary (PCHAR (ExtractFilePath (ParamStr (0)) + SSL_Indy_DLL_name));

I don't know what is still missing from Ubuntu, to able to load them.

How can I check what is loaded but not successful.


Best regards, TRoland

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