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Peter Hummers phummers at iname.com
Tue Nov 28 14:56:53 UTC 2006

norman wrote:
>> I usually transfer the whole /home folder/partition.
>> Copying ~/.evolution will, AFAIK, transfer all the data.
>> There's some config in ~/.gconf and maybe some other places but you may
>> find it easier/safer to just reconfigure on the new box.
> I am rather ignorant in such matters but to transfer data from one box
> to another would I not need to use a CD or a USB stick or something to
> carry the information across? Also, I do not want the complete
> application, I just want the data files.

A USB stick, or even a diskette, will hold the above files. Moving them 
as-is to a MSDOS filesystem (like on most USB sticks/diskettes) may 
change the filenames ... I would tar them into a little archive:

$ tar -cvf /media/[your USB stick]/evolutio.tar .evolution

(see 'man tar' if you need to) and untar them on the new computer
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