Saving "youtube" videos to disk ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Nov 28 06:40:17 UTC 2006

Wade Smart <wade at> wrote:
> Vince, I do not doubt the ease of which windows can get sick but, that
> sounds awful fast. It sounds to me like there was a sickness already
> there and it wasnt removed before installing the new OS. I could be
> wrong - it just sounds too fast. 

Yes, I too did think it was too fast. But really, I installed it oj a
brand new, blank hard drive, using an official XP PRo CD, not a backup
of an already infected installation ! So technically, the only way I
could see that malware, was to have gotten it from the net which was
the only link to the outside world ! :-O
As someone mentioned it, I indeed had an old/SP1 (early 2002) Windows
CD. But then again, in order to install SP2 I had to download it.. 200
+ MB, so still no way to avoid that malware... unless Microsoft
expected me to buy a new updated disk of XP Pro just so I can have SP2
straight from installing.... dream on MS ;-)

Anyway, end of thread I think, but let's just say I am sooo glad someone
introduced me to Linux 2+ years ago, it completely changed my computing
life to say the least...

Vince, super happy with his Penguin... :-)

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