Saving "youtube" videos to disk ??

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Mon Nov 27 21:05:12 UTC 2006

Peter Garrett <peter.garrett at> wrote:
> Yup. :-) Try this Firefox extension
> You just click an icon in the bottom corner, download it and you get
> a .flv file ( which plays in mplayer, or using ffplay in linux  ( part of
> the ffmpeg package ) - I assume there's an flv player for windows .

Thanks Peter, Google eventually lead me to the same suggestions ! :o)

that page gives a ffmpeg command that turns that horrible flash format
into MPEG... WITH sound :o)

I do'nt use firefox so not much help, but I think the python script I
found earlier, does just the same thing, albeit from the command line.
So it's just a matter of two command in the terminal, a few seconds of
work or the computer, and off you go ! I just love Linux, there is a
flexible tool for just about every need :o)

As this thread is related to windows in some way, I can't help but
share... this evening I visited a friend to install Windows XP on a
machine (along with Linux of course ;-). Believe it or not, after 30
minutes installing it, when I first logged in, before I even had the
time to start Internet Explorer to check internet connectivity... I HAD
ALREADY A VIRUS ! A pop-up window that wouldn't go away, telling me how
badly the computer had just been infected, and that it would be
automatically shut-down in 60 seconds to protect itself from severe
damage ! Not even 30 seconds, not even 5 seconds, no... thanks to
broadband and DHCP, internet was working instantly on first log-in, and
that bloody Windows got infected literally instantly !
so, even if Firefox and the video downloader extension, and whatever
cool stuff, might run also on windows... there is just much more to an
OS than just what stuff you run on it !
And no, this 0 second virus attack is no exception... 6 months ago I
installed Win XP on another machine, and got the same virus, also
instantly. I wonder how people can live with that...


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