gnome vs. scim

Rbalfour ubuntu at
Sun Nov 26 14:19:23 UTC 2006

Beinan Li wrote:
> Hi,
> big problem with GNOME.
> My machine: AMD 64 Desktop
> Locale: Chinese Simplified, with SCIM installed (default language: English,
> installed language pack Chinese Simplified).
> Desktop: GNOME
> Syndrome 1:
> Whenever I create a folder under GNOME and would like to name it by typing
> in the name, it seems that no keyboard response is received and I'll have to
> rename it under Terminal. No such problem under KUbuntu.
> Syndrome 2:
> When gedit is in use, sometimes the mouse cursor disappears
> and I can't input Chinese, especially when running "gksudo gedit ...."
> are these the incompatibility between SCIM and GTK,
> BTW: if I try to uninstall SCIM, i was always asked to remove
> GNOME-desktop as well ...
> Any ideas? This drives me crazy!!
> Thank you.

Please state what version of Ubuntu you are using. I have seen this
problem in 6.06. But with a full upgrade to 6.06.1 the problem seems to
clear up. I use anthy for Japanese input.

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