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Em Friday 24 November 2006 17:07, John escreveu:
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> >> Gary Jarrel wrote:
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> OK, so use RAID across the whole disk - seems logical, I suppose.
> Now back to the original question.

Sorry I missed that.

> Which files store the RAID and LVM configuration data so that I can 
> ensure that they are not overwritten when I copy the rest of my server 
> from a flat disk onto the RAID/LVM system?

This information is stored mostly within the "partition" schemes. This makes 
the system more prone to auto-detection.

Some configs are stored in /etc/mdadm and /etc/lvm, but in any case, when you 
add a new HD already setup for RAID and/or LVM to your 
non-RAID/non-LVMsystem, everything should be detected at boot time.

For LVM you should begin with pvscan, vgscan, and lvscan.

Question: I didn't get the part if you are installing RAID/LVM in a new 
installation then cp'ing your *data*, or are migrating the full system to a 
set of HDs with RAID/LVM. The second is more complicated, of course.


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