Audio is lost

Ozgur Karatas okaratas at
Fri Nov 24 14:10:09 UTC 2006

what is audio device name?


Could you give me it's printout ?


> Did you plug a usb webcam to you computer recently? At startup, those
> nice usb webcam with integrated microphone gets registred as audio
> device. When kde or mostly any default configured application is trying
> to use audio, it uses the first audio device it finds, aka the webcam
> and not your onboard audio device which is second. There are 2
> workaround there
> 1) do not plug webcam before booting, plug it later, this way, it's
> audio microphone is not registered as first audio device
> 2) i know there is the possibility to edit your alsa configuration files
> to force the ordering of your audio device. Don't remember how however.
> OOzy Pal a écrit :
>> Audio is lost. I can not listen to music. I also don't hear the KDE
>> start up page audio.
>> Any idea to troubleshoot the problem
>> OOzy


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