bandwidth spltter for various services

Florian Primessnig florian at
Fri Nov 24 09:50:26 UTC 2006


i know of a tool called wondershaper, which limits bandwidth via 
iptables HBQ/CBQ queuing classes. its kind of a wrapper for "tc", as 
this command is rather complex ;). i would recommend a google search on 
"traffic shaping iptables" to get thousands of howtos.


lasa wrote:
> Dear All,
> I m having 2mbps link for my mail servers and proxy servers. According 
> to my company requirement I need to spilt this bandwidth to 128Kbps 
> for mail, 512kbps for proxy and rest for ftp servers. I am having 
> seperate servers for each service mail, proxy, ftp. This should not 
> doing with routers and company expect me to do this using linux (I am 
> using CentOS 4.4 ). How can I do this?. Is it possible with iptables?
> Then any reference ?
> Pls can someone help me for this matter?
> -- 
> Lasantha Amarasinghe
> Sri Lanka

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