Bill Marcum bmarcum at
Fri Nov 24 09:21:53 UTC 2006

On Fri, 17 Nov 2006 09:52:10 -0500, Gerald Drouillard 
  <gerrylist at> wrote:
> Not sure if this is a bug or not.
> The above default LANG setting seems cause mc via putty to display the 
> box characters in weird characters.  It seems like Ubuntu ignores 
> .profile in the users directory and the only option is to set
> /etc/default/locale
> LANG="en_US"
> and not
> LANG="en_US.UTF_8"

Or tell putty to use UTF-8.  I don't have access to the Windows version of 
putty at the moment, but on the Linux version, you select the character 
set under "Window: Translation".

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