measuring broadband usage

Florian Primessnig florian at
Fri Nov 24 09:38:01 UTC 2006

Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> I know that this would mean it would have to become some kind of proxy
> system so that connections are made through it BUT I do not want it to
> be a full-blown squid cache. The requirements are:
> 	1. Be able to record download/upload statistics.
> 	2. Provide a web-based admin page so that users can easily see the
> stats from the other computers and administer it.
> What are the options?
1) check wheter snmp works with your router and graph the collected data 
with mrtg or rrdtool. would be the best solution.
2) your linux box could be a gateway so any traffic has to pass through 
it. you can do this with  iptables (check the manual on NAT-routing). 
traffic is then accounted via iptables. there are many tools out there, 
i personally prefer "ntop" ( or "ipac-ng" 
( i think both of them would 
fit your needs.
3) your linux box could be a real router. this would be the best 
solution if u have several public ip's for your workstations, otherwise 
i wouldn't recommend it. check out "devil linux" 
( - a  specialized routing distro.

hope this helps
> Many thanks and regards
> Gabe

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