Question on Totem

Lorin Pino ljpino at
Fri Nov 24 08:32:23 UTC 2006

Terrence van Ettinger wrote:
> Hello, all,
> 	I keep getting a message that tells me I don't have the right decoder
> to play MP3 files.  What package am I missing?  The error doesn't really
> give me much to go on...just that I don't have the right decoder and
> that I need plugins.
> Thanks,
> Terrence
Are you running totem-xine or totem-gstreamer?

For totem-xine, you might check in synaptic for the package 
For totem-gstreamer look under "gstreamer" in synaptic for the codecs 
(match your version of gstreamer to the codecs).
Someone else may give you a cli string to use to search for these 
things, but synaptic does give a nice alphabetical list of available 
packages.  Also, you will need to have the universe and multiverse 
repositories enabled.
See also:

If you are not running 6.06, then go to the section for your version of 
ubuntu for the instructions.
Hope that gets you going.

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