measuring broadband usage

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Thu Nov 23 19:49:58 UTC 2006

We just switched to a metered broadband package here. With a limit at
40GB (download) per month and rather hefty costs incurred for going in
excess of that limit.

Access is via a Belkin wireless router that acts a gateway and provides
connectivity for the local network.

I am rigging up another machine to act as a server and what I'm aiming
at is that it can somehow record the internet usage of ALL the computers
on the local network.

I know that this would mean it would have to become some kind of proxy
system so that connections are made through it BUT I do not want it to
be a full-blown squid cache. The requirements are:
	1. Be able to record download/upload statistics.
	2. Provide a web-based admin page so that users can easily see the
stats from the other computers and administer it.

What are the options?

Many thanks and regards


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