ClamAv: is anyone paying attention?

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Thu Nov 23 19:38:59 UTC 2006

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Stereotypical Rage wrote:
> Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>>   Does *anyone* know who's supplying the ClamAV stuff for Ubuntu
> <---- This page 
> holds the maintainer and creator's name.

    Interesting; there's not an 88.5 in there, either.

    How'd you find this list?  There must be a cache of such information
I've not noticed, before...

> The creator's email is: kees at
> Other details about him can be found here:
> Kees stated that 0.88.5 and 0.88.6 were backported already as of 27 Oct 
> 2006.'s not in the list.  Well, whatever; I don't *personally*
care if the thing is a year old with today's signatures...I don't run
the tiniest of Windows projects, but my clients do.  But I get a little,
pardon the pun, "edgy" when I see Fedora more capable at something than
Ubuntu, and the nightly warnings.


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