finding out system hardware in ubuntu

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Thu Nov 23 17:02:02 UTC 2006

There's a couple of packages you can try installing.

lshw scans your hardware and can report the results in several formats.
Some of the output is easily understood and some of it is quite cryptic.

At times I have noticed missing information I have not figured out whether
the operating system failed to recognize the hardware, or lshw just failed to
report it.

dmidecode does not scan your hardware, it queries the bios and reports on
what the bios told it about your system.  Have not used it very much.

Think there may have been one or two others when I was last searching
for this kind of tool, but I don't remember the details.

On 11/23/06, MICHAEL WEAVER <michaelweaver1 at> wrote:
> Is there a way of finding out hardware of a PC in Ubuntu?
> I am wanting to find out about the components of my laptop, system
> resources etc
> to find out why I am having problems getting Edgy to speak  and maybe
> even install?
> I think it might be a Compaq Presario but not sure of the model number
> without asking
> someone in my family with me being Totally Blind.
> I know it is running Dapper which someone in one in one of the LUGs I
> attend helped
> me install and I am aware of a slight lag when pressing  for example ALT
> F1 to bring
> up the Gnome equivalent of the Windows start  menu and Orca responding
> but maybe
> a system check might explain why I am  having some trouble with Edgy
> even though
> I do get the Edgy tune like it  is loading Ubuntu as Live.
> It seemed to take a long time bringing up the graphical desktop and
> crashed when
> the people at my LUG tried to install Edgy from the desktop  so I am not
> sure if
> I have a problem with the processor speed, RAM and  whether Orca version
> 1 takes
> up more system resources which is why I  seem unable to get speech even
> when I try
> ALT when I think Ubuntu has  loaded as a Live version.
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