Connecting to MSN

Gabriel Dragffy dragffy at
Thu Nov 23 11:01:38 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-11-23 at 10:36 +0530, YAGNESH N DESAI wrote:
> Dear Gabriel; 
> Is it that Google talk (or any other services) do not support the
> video and audio chat 
> through GAIM ? 
> Kindly provide more information on above if you have tried them. 
> Its my ignorance. Hope you do not mind 
> Thank you 
> Yagnesh 

My version of GAIM doesn't do audio/video chat on any network (I use
ICQ, MSN, QQ and Yahoo!). The only program I've found that let me do
audio/video is Skype and Open Wengo, which aren't the popular protocols.
Ekiga would be good but no one uses it on windows :(

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