Gxine and Firefox

Michael Brayn mbrayn at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 23:16:39 UTC 2006

On 11/19/06, Colin Brace <cb at lim.nl> wrote:
> On 11/19/06, Frank McCormick <fmccormick at videotron.ca> wrote:
> > Trying to listen to CBC.CA streaming audio. Firefox calls the GXine
> > plugin...which loads, buffers and plays...for 1 second then drops out.
> CBC is
> > streaming with an asx extension. Anybody sucessfully figured this one
> out.
> Can't help you with that particular issue, but try the mplayer and/or
> totem plugins.

I'd say the best thing to  do is use  the mplayer plugin.  Ive been using it
for a while and it has work like a charm. if that dosnt work, get the addy
for the stream and put it into totem, works for me.
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